Culinary discovery

Khun Somchai, our Thai chef, excels in preparing an array of delicious meals only using fresh products from local markets. Thai meals are usually taken in family-style with everyone sharing several dishes.

We pay great attention to the quality of the meals we prepare and maintain a low fat, low salt approach so as to bring up the fantastic flavours Thai food offers.

We are also very flexible and accommodate all desires in terms of taste, spiciness, so as to ensure that everyone enjoys the experience of discovering dishes from all over Thailand.

Our chef service is provided for all our bookings

Khum Somchai is there to prepare all meals during your stay. The selection of dishes is organised between the guests, the Chef and the villa manager and everything is made “à la carte” and prepared freshly.

Food cost is on the guests account at the buying price to which a sourcing fee is added. If so desired you may attend the preparation of the meals so as to learn some of the tricks in preparing Thai food.