Our commitment to Cleanliness & safety

Mia Villas is committed in providing the utmost cleanliness and secure environment for all our guests and in-villa team. We have implemented a strict yet least intrusive protocol to ensure we follow the guidelines provided by the relevant government and health bodies.

For sake of transparency, and to avoid any surprise on arrival or during your stay, please find below some of the details of how we handle the protocol

Temperature Checks

We check the temperature of all our in-villa team when entering the estate each day. Guest temperature is not taken as this is done on arrival at the airport by the ground staff at Bangkok Airways.

Masks and hand sanitizer

Our guest will find disposable masks (and a dedicated bin) as well as hand sanitizer for self-service in the living room area of our villas.

We require that our in-villa team wear disposable masks as well as gloves when servicing the villas. As you likely know, Asian citizens have the habit of wearing masks in public on a regular basis so it is more of a natural way of being for them.

Even though they are wearing gloves when servicing the villa, we are also ensuring that the team wash their hands on a regular basis for added cleanliness

As our masks are disposable, the team is using several per day in order to follow the 4hour usage guideline suggested by the World Health Organisation (WHO)

Physical Distancing

Our team has been trained to ensure that the minimum distancing is maintained. This also comes as natural behavior as Thai people tend to be shy and rarely come in close contact with our guests.

Cleaning protocol

Here are some of the routine cleaning that will be undertaken during your stay:

All rooms will be open prior to cleaning commencing to ensure there is adequate circulation of air, and as warmer temperatures and exposure to sunlight will reduce the time the virus survives on surfaces and objects

Besides our daily cleaning of the bathrooms and kitchen, all frequently touched surfaces will first be cleaned using our usual soap and water product to remove any possible germ, then are cleaned again using a disinfectant to kill possible remaining germs. Some example of such surfaces would include:

  • tables,
  • doorknobs,
  • light switches,
  • countertops,
  • handles.